January 17, 2024 

Locked On Women’s Basketball: All things Big East

Big East beat writer Tee Baker joins Natalie Heavren to discuss updates, injuries, and predictions for the competitive Big East Conference.

On today’s episode of Locked on Women’s Basketball, Big East beat writer Tee Baker joins Natalie Heavren to analyze all the news coming out of the conference. The two dive into St. John’s success, injuries plaguing UConn, and what to expect as the Big East’s season unfolds.

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As Tee explains, UConn is the number one team in the Big East; however, the schools in those “next tiers,” like St. John’s, Marquette, and Villanova are giving the top dogs a run for their money. It’s a competitive conference “as always,” Tee notes, and fans are excited to see how things shake out as the season continues. Especially exciting to watch within the conference are Unique Drake and Jillian Archer of St. John’s, who are a “really powerful one-two punch” and bring a “really powerful presence” to the game, explains Tee.

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Later on, Tee and Natalie explore the injuries troubling UConn right now. Most notable of the injuries is the ACL tear suffered by fifth year Aubrey Griffin, who “already missed a considerable amount of time earlier this year,” Tee reminds listeners. Griffin became the fourth UConn Husky to suffer from a season ending injury, which was not the outcome anyone anticipated or hoped for. But, as Tee explains, UConn knows how to cope – they’ve been dealing with injuries and a small rotation for years. The “positive spin,” as Tee puts it, is that “UConn knows how to deal with rotations and personnel changes,” and “they have systems in place” to manage these kinds of disasters.

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Tee and Natalie wrap up the show with a discussion on the Big East road games they are most looking forward to. Tee, a Rhode Island native, is excited to see Providence host Villanova, St. John’s, and UConn in February. However, if there’s one game to really look forward to in the next few weeks, it’s the rematch between Creighton and Marquette. As Tee explains, “Creighton is going to be looking for revenge.” Listen to Locked On Women’s Basketball every day to learn more about women’s basketball history, the game and its players, and much more!

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