February 16, 2022 

Pac-12: A west coast WBB trek

The Pac-12 on display with some of the nation's best

Did you know that a road trip from Arizona to Washington state is over 1,400 miles? But, along the way, you can hit Colorado and Utah and during your travels, you have just trekked the Pac-12! So with all the buzz about the Super Bowl this past weekend – the hype, the LA Rams winning the title and a halftime show that celebrated west coast vibes – we are going west and traveling the terrain of Pac-12 women’s basketball.

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This year’s conference race was bound to be great when the two teams in last year’s national championship are in the same league. No. 2 Stanford and No. 8 Arizona have traveled different routes so far this season. But continue to be two of the best team in the nation. For those that still doubt if Stanford is as good as people say – do so at your own risk. You have been warned.

There have been surprises and disappointments and teams are doing their best to overcome much adversity. UCLA has had injuries and COVID-related issues all year and currently sits on the outside, looking in at the NCAA Tournament. The new coaches on the sidelines, Lindsey Gottlieb returning to the Pac 12 at USC and Tina Langley is taking over at Washington. Both are in re-building mode and trying to find positives to build upon in mid-February.

It was “interstate rival” weekend, with Oregon and Oregon State squaring off and Arizona and Arizona State. Colorado started the year on fire at 13-0 but has struggled as of late, going just 3-7 in the last 30 days. Washington State and Utah have turned up the heat over the last few weeks, but for most teams in this league, there is a lot of work left to be done to find themselves as part of the NCAA tournament field.

So, pack up the gear and let’s hit the road – March will be here before you know it!

Written by Missy Heidrick

I am a retired Kansas State shooting guard and spent almost 20 years working in Higher Education and Division 1 athletics. I am currently a basketball analyst for television and radio, contributing correspondent at The Next, Locked on Women's Basketball podcast host, WBB Naismith Award board of selectors member and run my own consulting business. I am a proud mother of two and wife to a patient husband who is almost as big of a sports junkie as I am!

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