January 24, 2024 

Locked On Women’s Basketball: Introducing the women’s basketball transfer tracker

Host Howard Megdal is joined by Talia Goodman to discuss The Next's new women's basketball transfer tracker

On this week’s episode of Locked On Women’s Basketball, host Howard Megdal is joined by Talia Goodman to introduce The Next‘s new women’s basketball transfer tracker. This tracker, which will be updated in real time, will give women’s hoops fans the ability to track which players are on the move and develop an enhanced overall understanding of the game.

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Talia and Howard open with a conversation on the new tool, describing how useful it will be for fans and analysts alike of women’s basketball. “With men’s basketball, the information is out there,” explains Talia, “and with women’s basketball, that’s what we’re heading towards right now.” The tracker will be “a huge part of getting information out there for fans where it hasn’t been in the past.”

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After introducing the transfer tracker, Howard and Talia dive into some stories on which Talia has been reporting and discuss some of their biggest surprises of the season to date. Talia highlights Michigan State’s recent tough performance against Iowa: Caitlin Clark “does what Caitlin Clark does,” she admits, but “Michigan State was really able to hang in there.” Howard shouts out the Indiana Hoosiers, noting that they have “their heart set on the Final Four.” But, as both Howard and Talia mention, there are “so many good teams right now,” so not making the Final Four does not make any team a failure.

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