July 28, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Breaking down The Next’s 2023 WNBA midseason awards

Em and Natalie discuss midseason MVP, Rookie of the Year and more

In the latest episode of Locked on Women’s Basketball, host Natalie Heavren is joined by Em Adler to discuss The Next’s 2023 WNBA midseason awards including what was expected, what wasn’t and what there is left to prove. The pair discussed the results of the individual awards, including MVP, Rookie of the Year and Coach of the Year, as well as what trends Em has seen so far this season and what she expects to see the rest of the season.

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First, Em weighed in on the results of the midseason MVP voting.

Alyssa Thomas was our leading vote-getter in terms of first-place votes. She had six. Breanna Stewart had four and no one else had more than one.” they said. “And so they were the closest in the MVP race at least at midseason, basically by less than 1% in terms of the difference in total points. And there has only once been an MVP race in WNBA history that ended up that close. … I wasn’t necessarily expecting Alyssa Thomas to be so close to Breanna Stewart, we’ll see how the second half of the season goes. It could go either way.”

Later, Em broke down the results of the question “What are you most looking forward to over the rest of the season?”

“A lot of people said ‘Can anyone beat the Aces?’ Some people specified the Liberty. I agree, I’m very interested in seeing if the Liberty can get there,” she said. “They certainly have the talent to compete at a level that they really obviously didn’t for a lot of the first matchup between the two. A week from this Sunday, we will have the first rematch between the two up in New York so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.”

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