November 25, 2023 

Locked On Women’s Basketball: Analyzing Charlisse Leger-Walker’s prospects and Paige Bueckers’ defensive growth

'One of the best prospect performances of the season thus far'

On the latest episode of Locked On Women’s Basketball, host Hunter Cruse is joined by co-hosts Em Adler and Lincoln Shafer to analyze Washington State guard Charlisse Leger-Walker’s triple-double vs. Maryland, UConn guard Paige Bueckers’ defensive leap and more.

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First, Em responds to Leger-Walker’s electric triple-double performance (11 points, 15 rebounds and 13 assists) on Thanksgiving Day.

“I’ve been really in depth scouting players for about the past four years, and this is — if not the — it’s one of the greatest playmaking performances we’ve seen from any legit prospect over this span…I cannot overstate how ridiculously impressive what Charlisse Leger-Walker was doing just in terms of the ability to manipulate not only the primary defenders and the pick-and-roll, which we’ve seen her do for years, but be able to make those second level reads, be able to open those skip passes,” Em said.

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Later, the crew discusses how Bueckers has evolved her game to include elite defensive abilities.

“Paige has really good size for a guard and she’s always been a really solid lateral athlete and really good [at] creating space on the offensive end. And finding ways to get that lateral athleticism to translate to the defensive end is a credit to that coaching staff and a credit to her work that she’s put in during her recovery from these lower body injuries,” Lincoln said.

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