March 14, 2024 

Locked On Women’s Basketball: Ari Chambers joins for her birthday

Chambers: 'Why would you be contained to one box?'

On today’s episode of Locked On Women’s Basketball, HighlightHER founder and broadcaster Ari Chambers joins host Gigi Speer to talk about her accomplished career, ACC and Athletes Unlimited hoops, and more.

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They first discussed Chambers’ many ongoing projects, including her work with the WNBA’s digital side on her series Off Top.

“These few months have been completely crazy in the best way possible,” Chambers said. “Especially springtime and bringing in the new year is so transformative every single year for me. I like to level set and goal set every January and just say ‘hey, these are my intentions for the year.’ And so I’ve been actively pursuing those intentions, whether that be premiering season three Off Top with the WNBA or Athletes Unlimited or planning for the Summer Olympics, so there’s so many different things coming into fruition for me.”

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Then, Chambers and Speer discussed her role as a broadcaster and women’s basketball personality, and how she navigates that role.

“I think for Athletes Unlimited, up until last year, I had just done special features and we won a Webby award for that,” Chambers explained. “I love how Athletes Unlimited, enables new talent to really grow and flourish. And so I’m really looking forward to what Janae Sims can bring to sideline and that’s a great testament to not having to fit into one box. You look at people who you assume are just influencers, but then they showed you their sideline capabilities and that’s exactly the method I live by. Why would you be contained to one box? And so I love when I keep can keep people guessing [my role] like, ‘Are you sideline?’ I’m like, ‘No, I’m an analyst.’ And then I’m like, ‘No, I’m an influencer? No, I’m a host. No, I’m an advocate.”

“There are so many different places that you can find yourself within the women’s sports space, and Athletes Unlimited allowed me to grow in different facets. Have I done all these jobs before? Absolutely. But Athletes Unlimited is a nice happy home for me that I know it’s like safe to nurture me to grow,” Chambers added.

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They also discussed Chambers’ favorite style of players to watch and analyze, what to watch for in March Madness from ACC teams, and much more! Make sure to subscribe to the Locked On Women’s Basketball podcast to keep learning about the WNBA, women’s college basketball and basketball history.

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