May 9, 2024 

Locked On Women’s Basketball: Dallas Wings prepare for Year 2 of the Latricia Trammell era

Trammell talks defensive growth, Kalani Brown and Teaira McCowan, and more!

On today’s episode of Locked On Women’s Basketball, Dallas Wings head coach Latricia Trammell joins host Howard Megdal to talk about her team’s preparations for the upcoming WNBA season. They discussed the team’s newcomers, like No. 5 draft pick Jacy Sheldon, and returners like Kalani Brown and, of course, Arike Ogunbowale.

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First, they talked about Trammell’s keys to a successful pre-season, and what she and the Wings have been working on as they prepare for tipoff on May 15.

“I say this all the time, but it doesn’t matter if I want it, the players have to want it,” Trammell explained. “They’re the ones that’s out in the grind doing the work with the sweat equity and so talking to them day one, we talked about [being] top three on the offensive side, we talked about being number one in a lot of statistics at last season and in different categories. Defense, we’ve got to make a jump there. We were top seven, better than the previous seasons, but for me, we’ve got to get in the top five, top four. And the players agree with that … Since we only had one preseason game, we just now put on a game … I’m gonna tell you, I was very pleased from everyone and the defensive intensity that they just displayed. So I know that we’re on the same page.”

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Then, Trammell spoke about bringing back Kalani Brown, and how she and Teaira McCowan‘s skillsets have begun to complement each other even more:

“Even though [Brown and McCowan] are both 6’7, their skillsets are different. So it’s doubled trouble, in my opinion. When you think about our league, and you think of Brittney Griner, meaning size, but [there is no team] that I can really think about that has two … I think they play off of each other so well, we don’t skip a beat. Like I said, different skill set: Kalani moves a little bit better, can play a little bit more aggressive at the point of attacks. But the rim protector in Teaira I mean, she is one that if she seals deep and gets close, you can’t stop her. I mean, I firmly believe that … they both played 20 minutes the other night and so just to have that, they feed off of each other. They love it. They’re talking about how they’re being defended and what they should do offensively. And it’s just a double threat. And I’m so glad Kalani came back.”

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