November 25, 2022 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Discussing NIL

Host Isabel Rodrigues is joined by Amanda Christovich to dive into all kinds of discussions around NIL in college athletics.

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. In this episode, host Isabel Rodrigues is joined by Amanda Christovich of Front Office Sports to talk all things name, image and likeness (NIL) as well as athlete compensation in general. Amanda and Isabel discuss the first year of NIL, how women’s basketball has been at the front of this new era, and what to expect going forward in the world of NIL.

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Amanda on how anti-trust laws helped bring about NIL:

[The Sherman Anti-Trust Act] is what says that price fixing is illegal, with a few exceptions.The reason that antitrust is important for college sports is because these cases have been arguing that the NCAA, in various places in its business model, has been price fixing at zero. So the O’Bannon case was saying that they were price fixing the value of an athlete’s name, image and likes likeness at zero. Essentially, not compensating them for it. The Alston case was not exactly price fixing at zero, but it was about the limits that the NCAA put on educational benefits that schools could provide. So that’s supposedly is a price fix.

Amanda on the NCAA recently changing NIL rules, particularly the rule that athletic department officials can no longer negotiate deals for players:

The quotes that came out [the other day], where Dawn Staley was talking about, like, “I make a lot of money. So I want my players to make a lot of money, and I’m prepping them, I’m facilitating deals for them.” Guess what, she’s an athletic department employee. So she’s negotiating deals, and then is that supposed to be like not legal under the NCAA’s “clarifiers?” I don’t know. The second thing was, and it’s not like a lot of schools are doing this now but they really should be, they’re not allowed to offer account free accounting, or legal services [anymore.]

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