April 1, 2023 

Locked On Women’s Basketball Final Four Recap Show: Oh my, Caitlin Clark

Our hosts break down how Clark is a generational offensive talent after Iowa's Final Four stunner

We interrupt our usual Locked On Women’s Basketball podcast’s typical Saturday WNBA Draft-focused discussion to bring you this note:

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Oh my, Caitlin Clark.

The junior guard scored 41 points to help the Iowa Hawkeyes stun the No. 1 overall seed and previously-undefeated South Carolina Gamecocks in the Final Four on Friday night.

The Next has a total of 10 people on the ground in Dallas, providing coverage from every angle possible of the Final Four weekend. But we’re adding coverage from those not there, too, like with Saturday’s podcast and with Playback, as Isabel Rodrigues and our SEC reporter Gabriella Lewis are co-hosting a watch party for the national championship game on Sunday.

On Saturday’s podcast, with Em Adler unable to host, Hunter Cruse and special guest Lincoln Shafer discussed everything from Friday night’s two Final Four games, starting with Clark.

But this is still the Saturday WNBA Draft pod, so Cruse and Shafer discuss how Clark, in Cruse’s words, is “the best offensive prospect in the history of women’s basketball.” And while she can make shots from the mid-court logo, that’s not the thing that Cruse and Shafer identify as the key.

“Her passing is ultimately what separates her from just being this great prospect to being this generational prospect and being able to capitalize on her shooting level, as well,” Cruse said.

Shafer added, “The passing is at a level that’s almost unheard of for a college point guard to be at … The passing is what made her so dangerous against South Carolina because it forced them to change their pick-and-roll coverage.”

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The duo also discussed how LSU beat Virginia Tech, preview Sunday’s national championship game between Iowa and LSU and break down what the end of the season for the Gamecocks and the Hokies means for the WNBA Draft.

(Editor’s note: the podcast was recorded before Aliyah Boston officially announced she was declaring for the WNBA Draft.)

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