November 16, 2023 

Locked On Women’s Basketball: Karen Aston has UTSA’s program growing, since that is what she does

Plus, they discuss Roadrunner standouts Jordyn Jenkins and Kyra White

It’s time for another episode of Locked On Women’s Basketball and UTSA coach Karen Aston is here to talk with host Howard Megdal. When she took over, the Roadrunners had just one win the previous season. Last year? They advanced to the Conference USA Tournament semifinals and finished with a 13-19 record.

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They started their conversation focusing on the 2021-22 season and reminiscing about her first victory with the Roadrunners and how she has seen them grow since.

“I still remember it like it was yesterday, and to see the joy in their eyes, and really the confidence building, ” Karen said. “From that start to, you know, the end of the year, the first year, again, seven wins doesn’t sound like very much and it’s not in our world. But it was a lot for these kids. And just to see their confidence from day one to the finish and how much they enjoyed the process of it was, I mean, that was the most rewarding thing for me.

And then last year, we had a whole new group. We had we had some turnover, graduation, you know, injuries, season and career-ending injuries with several kids. So we regrouped. I mean we had you know, a basically a whole new team and that was a process so to see that group and didn’t even know each other you know and start to see them develop.”

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In the second segment, Howard rattled off some impressive stats from Jordyn Jenkins who led the conference with 20.6 points per game and 240 total rebounds. She broke the program’s single-season scoring record too with 659 points.

“I will start out by saying she is an absolute joy to coach and she loves the game and lives and breathes it,” Karen said. “She doesn’t just live for the games and I think that’s when you know a player really loves the sport and loves laying it is that she, she loves the game, don’t get me wrong, they all do. But she loves to train. She loves the gym. And she’s just enormously gifted. You know, there are some players that, and I say this all the time, I think they walked out of the womb with a shooting motion. It’s just so natural.”

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