June 22, 2023 

Locked On Women’s Basketball: Karlie Samuelson never stopped believing in her WNBA dreams

Howard and Karlie Samuelson discuss her wild path to the 2023 Sparks roster

It’s time for another episode of the Locked On Women’s Basketball podcast. Host Howard Megdal welcomed Los Angeles guard Karlie Samuelson onto the show to discuss how she viewed the WNBA and her role in it while serving eight different temporary contracts. They also talk about what she learned playing overseas and why this season has been so special before meditating on the meaning of “home.”

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Their conversation started with how she stayed positive through the stops and starts that come with hardship and seven-day contracts. David Yapkowitz spoke with her before the season about it for this piece, too.

“You just kind of have to enjoy it as it comes,” Karlie Samuelson said. “I’m someone that kind of slots into a team quickly because I can pick up things. I can kind of play at different positions and be versatile. I think that’s maybe why it has happened to me like that.”

Next, Megdal brought up some impressive stats from beyond the arc where Samuelson shot 43.8% during Euro League after shooting 38.8% in domestic play with Avenida in Spain.

“I love the big moments, I love the big games, I love tough competition,” Karlie Samuelson said. “I know my team really needs me to make a shot. I think I feel that, and I’m in the heat of the game when it’s competitive.”

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