December 17, 2022 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Breaking down Nika Mühl’s exceptional passing

A film session by Hunter Cruse on UConn's starting point guard

In the latest episode of Locked on Women’s Basketball, host Hunter Cruse takes you through the film to explain why UConn junior Nika Mühl is such a stellar passer. The 5’10 point guard from Croatia currently leads Division I with 9.8 assists per game. (Note: Because of the visuals in the film session, we recommend watching this episode on YouTube rather than listening to it as a podcast.)

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Hunter talks about the flashy style that Mühl plays, using a clip of a no-look pass she made:

“It’s a pretty fun pass, where it’s more flash. I’m pretty sure she probably could’ve made that pass without having to [look away]. But the defender did not know whether Nika Mühl was going to drive or pass. … Her passing is so flashy, like [New York Liberty guard] Marine Johannès, another European player, where they just make some of the most fun and just awesome passes.”

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Hunter also shares his take on whether Mühl could be a WNBA Draft pick in 2024 or 2025, depending on whether she uses her fifth year of eligibility:

“If she can become more of an active processor where she’s looking to shoot as well as making plays as a passer, it’s really going to advance her prospects. Because she’s a junior, she’ll have one more year at UConn, potentially two if she decides to stay for a fifth year. But she’s for sure a prospect. We didn’t talk about her defense, but she’s a really good defender at the point of attack. [She has nearly a] 3% steal rate; she’s very active. She has good size … If she can just become someone that’s shooting a good amount of attempts per game and also combined with her passing, this is a real prospect and could potentially be a first-rounder.”

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