June 9, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Wings finding a groove

Isabel Rodrigues is joined by The Next’s Dallas Wings beat reporter Arie Graham to discuss Satou Sabally and all things Wings.

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. In this episode, host Isabel Rodrigues is joined by The Next’s Dallas Wings beat reporter Arie Graham to discuss all things Wings. They discuss the “unicorn” that is Satou Sabally and the team’s defensive-minded focus that has yielded strong results so far this season.

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Plus, they discuss a trio of players — Kalani Brown, Odyssey Sims and rookie Maddy Siegrist — who are making the most of extra opportunities following injuries and absences through the first few weeks of the season, as well as the team’s outlook going forward.

Arie on what Satou Sabally brings to the Wings team on many fronts:

Beyond what [she does] on the court, she’s been very supportive of her teammates through the tough times. Because, you know, she’s had to deal with those injuries [in the past] and take a back seat and … just get a different look at the game. And I think that her experience with that has been helping her teammates as well. In the games, she’s been doing very well. The only thing that has kind of been an issue is just foul trouble. But that is something that the Dallas Wings as a whole have had to deal with.

Arie on the growth she has seen from Veronica Burton, now in her second season:

Veronica had a very busy offseason. I was able to watch her play in Athletes Unlimited, she certainly had a good chance to develop her game there, because she wasn’t stuck as the point guard. You know, with AU, you can just get points doing anything. And I could tell that one of the things that she was working on was her three-point shooting.

As far as a leader, being on the court, I believe her vision has gotten better, she’s more comfortable… And I believe that she’s going to continue to grow, especially with having to play through the adversity and being comfortable with the other players on the court, and others being inserted into the starting lineup.

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