January 9, 2024 

Locked On Women’s Basketball: Queen Egbo, Washington Mystics center, aims to top Athletes Unlimited

'I felt like AU was a place where you go to grow'

On today’s episode of Locked On Women’s Basketball, Washington Mystics center and Athletes Unlimited newcomer Queen Egbo joins host Howard Megdal to discuss the evolution of her game as she enters her third WNBA season.

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Egbo began the 2023 WNBA season with the Indiana Fever, but was traded mid-season to the Washington Mystics, who were looking to fill the shoes of center Shakira Austin as she dealt with a hip injury. Egbo quickly picked up playing time and improved in a number of key areas, particularly field goal percentage around the rim.

“[Mystics coaches] are very detailed when it comes to shooting and percentages. So I didn’t really have much of an option, if I did want to play in or touch the ball, I had to be able to be efficient,” Egbo explained. “Knowing that I’m coming into a new team, I had to find [my role] very quickly and just be able to work and capitalize off of it. I knew that okay, I’m a great defender, but I could be better around the rim. And they helped me realize that and they helped me get my game to that point.”

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“But it was definitely a lot of shots going up. Definitely a lot of shots and practice, a lot of frustrating days are frustrating nights of not being where you want to be … it was definitely a unique experience for me. I know, change isn’t always ideal. But in that situation, I felt like it was needed for me,” she continued.

Then the two discussed Athletes Unlimited (AU) and Egbo’s decision to join the 2024 season in Dallas. Megdal brough up how Egbo’s fast-paced style of play should fit in well with the league’s focus on pace and transition basketball.

“I felt like AU was a place where you go to grow,” Egbo said. “You go to have fun, but you got to get better at basketball and I felt like that was the kind of the perfect happy medium for me during the offseason. Obviously I still want to grow and get better as a player but being in Dallas and having the opportunity to have fun where I play and how I play, it’s a unique experience, especially because I play so fast. I definitely do love getting up and down [the court].”

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Egbo and Megdal also discussed Egbo’s alma mater, Baylor, and her thoughts on how the Bears are performing so far in the 2023–24 NCAA season. Watch today’s episode on YouTube for a surprise guest appearance, and listen to Locked On Women’s Basketball every day to learn more about women’s basketball history, the game and its players, and much more!

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