November 21, 2022 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: No. 1 South Carolina’s stunning comeback over No. 2 Stanford and Thanksgiving week preview

'This was a battle, one for the ages'

In the latest episode of Locked on Women’s Basketball, host Missy Heidrick takes you through the epic overtime showdown between No. 1 South Carolina and No. 2 Stanford on Sunday and previews an exciting week ahead, as teams travel to (mostly) tropical Thanksgiving tournaments.

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Here are some of Missy’s takeaways from South Carolina’s 76-71 victory, which included a game-tying jumper from South Carolina star Aliyah Boston to force overtime:

“These are the two national champions that we’ve seen the last two seasons. They look different. Their teams, their lineups are different. They’ve got different players now stepping up into different roles. And the matchups may be not the same as when they played before. But what I really liked about this is that I think it was not only a display of what these two teams are now, but [also] what they can be in the future … This was a battle, one for the ages and one that really put women’s basketball on display.”

Missy also discusses the multi-team events that started this past weekend and continue through Thanksgiving weekend. Before breaking down each event, Missy talks about how teams feel about Thanksgiving tournaments in general and the significance of these events for teams’ resumes:

“Players, they love it. Coaches, maybe not as much. Support staff probably despise it to an extent because it takes a lot of work to be able to take a team and take your entire unit, put them on a plane and head somewhere warm. But this is where great competition and tournaments come into play. And what we’re seeing already … [is] outstanding basketball all across the board. These are challenges. This is how teams get ready. It’s how you get ready for your conference. It’s how you kind of see where you measure up against some of the other best talent in the nation.”

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