May 30, 2024 

Locked On Women’s Basketball: Sug Sutton beat the odds, wants WNBA players seen for who they are

Sutton talks first full WNBA season, role with Phoenix Mercury, and more

On today’s episode of Locked On Women’s Basketball, host Howard Megdal is joined by Phoenix Mercury guard Sug Sutton to talk about her journey from 36th pick in the 2020 WNBA Draft to a mainstay for the Mercury in 2023. Sutton played her first 40-game WNBA season in 2023, and spoke about what the accomplishment meant for her:

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“My first season was in the bubble, so that was cut short. We didn’t have a full season,” Sutton explained. “So last year when I played all 40 games, you know, I was really proud of myself because I had to kind of make a statement in the league. And that’s how I made my statement. I had to be healthy, I had to be on the floor. And I’m really proud that I made it through all 40 games for the first season that I was in the W and it was a good feeling to be out there. It gave me a great opportunity to, you know, be in the W everybody got to see what I was capable of within those 40 games and they all count it.”

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Sutton also talked about her experience playing for the Global Women’s Basketball Association (GWBA) team the St. Louis Surge.

“I never seen myself playing semi pro, but, you know, I kind of looked at my options, I really didn’t have nowhere else to go,” Sutton said. “I was injured before I even signed to play in the league back at home. But I figured that it would be a good opportunity for me, my family could see me play back at home, they haven’t seen me play. You know, some of them haven’t seen me play since high school, because I’m always overseas, or I’m never in St. Louis. So it’s a good opportunity for my family just to be there to support me.”

“My grandma’s haven’t watched me play since high school. So it was important for me in that aspect, I just want to play in front of my city, make my city proud, I think that’s most important for me is just to continue to inspire people from my city that don’t have the opportunities that I have. And so I think that moment, in my career was probably one of the best moments just because it kind of humbled me in the sense like, it’s okay, if you’re not in the W. It’s okay, if you play in these leagues, just to get your legs going or just to get some reps under you. And it kind of humbled me in that sense. And I’m really thankful I was able to have that opportunity with the St. Louis Surge.”

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