September 13, 2023 

Locked On Women’s Basketball: WNBA veterans Sydney Colson, Theresa Plaisance are here to take over your TV

Howard caught up with the stars of 'The Syd + TP Show'

On the latest episode of the Locked On Women’s Basketball podcast, WNBA veterans Sydney Colson and Theresa Plaisance join host Howard Megdal to discuss “The Syd + TP Show.” The dynamic duo will launch their new unscripted television program on Sept. 18, as the Las Vegas Aces begin their title defense in the 2023 WNBA Playoffs. The show is co-produced by Maximum Effort, Fubo and Togethxr.

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In it, Sydney and Theresa will attempt to become the faces of the WNBA despite the fact that no one asked them to. “The Syd + TP Show” will feature stunts, hijinks, interviews and more from the two who claim to have no shame.

According to Sydney, her initial conversations with Togethxr were focused on a podcast rather than a television show.

“It was initially going to be a podcast series just about my life in the WNBA,” Sydney said. “Like my trajectory, staying in the league, as long as I have without really being a high-minute player, talking about my passion for comedy and wanting to act after basketball, just like a lot of things, family, stuff like that. And so it was gonna be like an inside look to my life for listeners who didn’t like know my story.”

Eventually, she started discussing opportunities with Theresa that would allow them to show off their unique sense of humor to an audience outside the locker room.

“Some more time went on and I kept being like ‘TP, girl, you are hilarious. Like, we got to do something together’ and she’s like, ‘Yeah, okay,'” Sydney said. “We’re funny, like just talking about the way we would answer with one another and annoy our teammates in Vegas. But I think you need to, like see us in action for it to be like, fully received. And so they ran with it. And you know, it’ll be what you’ll end up seeing.”

Theresa admitted that she never considered acting before, but the experience has changed her opinion.

“Filming the show was some of the best times of my life, we had a really great time,” Theresa said. “Everybody on set was really amazing. And, you know, TV could be in my future. I don’t really know. I was telling Syd the other day, I was just kind of like, I don’t know what real TV is like, because we had our own TV show and everything went by what we wanted. I don’t know, if we had to follow somebody else’s script, what that would look like because everything was kind of tailored to us what we would naturally do. And it was just really fun to just kind of be ourselves in this thing.”

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