October 24, 2023 

Locked On Women’s Basketball: Ta’Niya Latson, Brooke Wyckoff taking Florida State to next level

'They're comfortable now ... they understand our sense of urgency.'

On Tuesday’s episode of Locked on Women’s Basketball, host Howard Megdal does a deep dive on one of the ACC’s fastest up-and-comers: Florida State. Joined by head coach Brooke Wyckoff and sophomore guard Ta’Niya Latson, the three discussed how the team is preparing for the upcoming ACC season.

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The conversation began by acknowledging what Latson had already accomplished in just one season: at a clip of 21.3 points per game, Latson led Florida State in scoring with incredible efficiency. By the end of the season, she had logged a field goal percentage of 45.5%, and a free throw percentage of 85.9%. For additional context, since 2009, the only other freshman to accomplish that feat while taking as many shots and free throws as Latson is Elena Delle Donne.

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In Wyckoff’s words: “The great thing about Ta’Niya, which I love talking about and telling people about, is [her] inner drive … to do whatever it takes to win and to be great. And so I don’t worry about her what she’s going to do next, because I know she has that drive.”

Latson also spoke about how she’s hoping to improve in the upcoming year, with plans to focus on improving her defense and leadership skills: “Defense wins games, and I feel like I’ve put a lot more effort into defense this year than I [did] last year,” Latson said. “So maybe I’ll make an all-defensive team, hopefully.”

As to who she wants to become as a leader: “Someone that my teammates can come to when they need me … Encouraging my teammates, putting them in the right positions,” Latson said. “But honestly, I just had a conversation with Coach Brooke, it is hard being just a sophomore and taking on this leadership role, but I’ve embraced it.”

The conversation then moved to how having a crop of returning players has helped with early team chemistry. “They’re comfortable now,” Wyckoff explained. “That leads to great decision making, leads to less turnovers, leads to better shot selection. And the same on the defensive end, they understand what we’re trying to do, they understand our sense of urgency in that regard.”

The three also discussed Florida State’s newcomers, their intentional (and international) recruiting strategy, their roller-coaster non-conference schedule, and the many joys of playing basketball.

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