March 4, 2024 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: A last hurrah for Pac-12 women’s hoops

Teams are headed to Las Vegas for the 2024 Pac-12 Tournament

The 2023-24 Pac-12 women’s basketball season started off with a huge splash all the way back in November 2023. Fast forward and Stanford has won the last regular season title as we know this league to be and the teams are headed to Las Vegas for the Pac-12’s postseason tournament. Who will take home that crown? Who wants off the bubble for the NCAA Tournament with a key win or two? Analyst and host Missy Heidrick is joined by longtime Pac-12 insider Michelle Smith to break down this season and reflect on what has been a trendsetting league for women’s sports.

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First, Michelle reflects on the conference’s “heavy hitters” and the ways they thrived during the regular season.

“Colorado has been a team on the radar all season. Stanford’s been a team on the radar. UCLA, USC [are] back on the radar in a way that’s galvanized the Los Angeles market in a way that is desperately needed for the women’s game … JuJu [Watkins] is huge and celebrities courtside and sort of that LA scene coming to USC women’s basketball is great for the game,” Michelle said on the podcast.

Later, Michelle makes the case that Arizona is an NCAA Tournament team if they fare well in the conference tournament.

“Arizona is interesting to me at the seven seed [and] has a 34 in the NET. To me if the NET rankings mean anything Arizona’s decidedly on the bubble with a win — or two, certainly — but with a win should get into the tournament.”

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