February 22, 2023 

Locked On Women’s Basketball: How Teri Moren built a premier Big Ten program at Indiana

Howard talks with Teri Moren about the Hoosiers' Big Ten title and more.

On today’s podcast, coach Teri Moren joined host Howard Megdal to dive deep into the history of Indiana basketball she’s been an integral part of since she grew up in the Hoosier State. From playing for Lin Dunn at Purdue to coaching stops at the University of Indianapolis, Indiana State and now Indiana, Moren is central to the Indiana basketball story.

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Now she’s got a Big Ten championship team, one that’s on track for a number one seed and a favorite to get to Dallas. Hear what it all means and how it happened. Also, make sure you don’t miss Eric Rynston-Lobel’s story from earlier this week about Moren and the Hoosiers.

They started the conversation by touching on Moren’s history growing up in Indiana where she remembers watching the men’s basketball play on Sunday afternoons.

“When you grow up in Southern Indiana, you grow up an Indiana fan, so for me to be here now, and be able to be the head coach here is really special. But what’s more, more special is, you know, how we built this thing. I believe we’ve done it the right way, we’re to a point now where we can get the players that fit us that my staff, and our personalities and our work ethic versus the ones we don’t have to fit players, you know, the some of the most talented players out there. It takes a special player to come here and want to be a part of our program. And we don’t sacrifice the character piece for the talent piece ever. And we managed to find some really good pieces that fit us and right now they’re, they’re giving us quite a ride.”

Then, they dove a little deeper into star forward Mackenzie Holmes’ growth. The senior is averaging 22.6 points and 7.4 rebounds per game after sustaining a left knee injury last season.

“I think that we had the team last year that could have won a Big Ten championship, if all of our pieces would have been healthy, Mac being the biggest one of all of them. But, she is healthier and she is in great shape. And she is confident. And, you know, the floor spacers have helped her however, she is still getting the doubles every night, you know, seeing the double coverage every single night. One of the things that we’ve been really intentional about in practice is helping her grow her game and now you have to become a facilitator. Every day, you know, it’s drill work. We put her in those scenarios where doubles are coming from the backside, the top side, and she has to read out of those double teams and she’s just continued to improve and get better.”

She went on to make her pitch for Holmes as Player of the Year.

“I believe this. I think that she is in the conversation for National Player of the Year. People ask me all the time. Her numbers or statistics are one thing but you know If you watch Mackenzie, you can figure out quickly why she’s different. You know, from her footwork to her hands to her quick hips. She’s a throwback, and she is so uber-talented. And, you know, I just wish we would continue to get the national exposure on this on this particular kid, because for her not to be in the conversation, you know, is it a true disappointment, you know, for me. Of course, I’m biased, and I get that, but I think the proof is in the pudding and what she has been able to do for us.”

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