February 8, 2022 

She Got Next, Episode 43: Pepper talks to John Giggy Maxwell

'I worked in the WNBA with Coach Laimbeer in Detroit for three seasons and picked up a championship ring with the 2006 Shock'

Our fearless podcaster, Pepper Persley, has returned with her latest episode: a conversation with John Giggy Maxwell.

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In this week’s She Got Next episode, Pepper has a conversation with the Las Vegas Aces Director of Media Relations, John Maxwell, better known as “Giggy.”

Giggy started his career in the same college he attended; then went to the WNBA and back to the collegiate ranks for about ten years at UC Riverside on the West Coast. Here is a fun story on how Giggy ended up in Las Vegas with coach Bill Laimbeer:

“I worked in the WNBA with Coach Laimbeer in Detroit for three seasons and picked up a championship ring with the 2006 Shock. And then the instant that I heard that coach Laimbeer and MGM were bringing the San Antonio Stars to Las Vegas, I texted Bill immediately and I said, let me know if you need a PR director because I know that’s going to be successful with MGM marketing behind it and coach Laimbeer on the court. So I knew it was going to be successful and it has been.”

Pepper asked the most intriguing question that all Aces fans want to know. And that is how John Maxwell got the nickname “Giggy.” He shares how he got the nickname back in college:

“So it’s not that interesting of a story, at least I don’t think, it came from Davidson and as well before, Will Smith hit song getting “jiggy” with it came out. And in fact, mine is spelled GIGGY instead of JIGGY. So most people initially call me giggy because they think that’s how it’s pronounced, but it’s jiggy.

We had a football coach at Davidson named Coach Giggin; he and I looked alike. I was a kid who could make an impression of him. He was coached Gigs, so I became a little gig or giggy. And the only interesting part of the story to me is that the person who nicknamed me ended up playing in the NFL for about 14 years.”

Enjoy Pepper’s latest podcast episode with John Giggy Maxwell.

Written by Pepper Persley

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