December 29, 2021 

She Got Next, Episode 40: Pepper talks to Notre Dame’s women’s team

'The community and the alumni from Notre Dame are so supportive', Olivia Miles said

Our fearless podcaster, Pepper Persley, has returned with her latest episode: a conversation with Notre Dame’s women’s team.

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This week Pepper spoke with two players from Notre Dame’s women’s basketball team. They both started as soccer players at a young age and gradually discovered basketball. Olivia Miles spoke about Sonia Citron’s game and here is what she had to say: “I feel like she does everything so well. And she’s the type of player who everyone needs on their team. She’s a brilliant cutter, brilliant mind and can give you the ball in situations where you’re going to succeed.”

Sonia once again was the ACC freshman of the week. Now it’s Sonia’s turn to talk about Olivia’s game. And what everyone needs to know: “We know her triple-double, extremely tough. Also the number one in the country for assists per game, which is insane as a flight for freshmen. Also how unselfish she is, she’s always gonna get you the ball where you can score. She’s always looking to pass and her passes are literally insane.”

Pepper then asked the ladies an important question everyone wants to know, so what does it mean to you both to be playing at a program like Notre Dame? This is what Sonia had to say: “I still can’t really believe it. I feel like sometimes I forget how blessed and how lucky I am to be a part of this program. It’s such a good school, getting a great education. And also playing for one of the best teams in the country.”

Olivia had similar thoughts in regards to playing for Notre Dame: “The community and the alumni from Notre Dame are so supportive. And it’s really something that no other school, I believe has and just the ability to go into every game, knowing you’ll have a huge family supporting you is something that I’ve never experienced before.”

Enjoy Pepper’s latest podcast episode with Notre Dame’s women’s team.

Written by Pepper Persley

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