January 20, 2023 

The Offseason Matrices: The Next’s 2023 WNBA offseason and free agency tracker

The Next's 2023 offseason and free agency tracker is here! WNBA contracts and team interests, cap sheets, trades, coaching changes, and more.

Welcome to The Next’s offseason free agency tracker, a one-stop visual shop for all your free agency and offseason needs. Here we’re tracking team interest in players, signings, and contracts; updating team cap sheets; noting trades and waiver claims; front office moves; coaching changes; and more, all linked in a neat and color-coded fashion for your viewing pleasure!

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Many questions are answered within these walls. Want to know things like not just who the new WNBA head coaches are, but they change the league’s average age and experience? We’ve got you covered. Looking for who has how much cap room in 2024? We’re here for you. Wondering if SIG is dominating the dollars signed so far? Well, now you can see by just how much. Wondering how many of these deals are one one-years? That’s there too!

Interested in the history of recent waiver claims by team or player? Want a sense of which players have currently interested teams after them? How do players rank based on their 2022 wins above replacement? Want to know how front offices are coming together? It’s all here!

This page is updated as news breaks and contract figures are reported, so make sure to keep checking back. If you’re looking for random contract info, you should definitely go to Her Hoop Stats or Spotrac, but here I’m live-updating as we go, including looking at teams’ remaining cap space including camp deals and the like.

All pages in this document were created by my good friend and FanGraphs RosterResource assistant/Contracts Crank Jon Becker and adapted by myself. Please comment here or message me if this is missing anything; credit is appreciated if you’re referencing this resource! Scroll down below the players for totals overall, by team, agency, etc. And this is just page one — see the bottom of the document for more pages!

Written by Em Adler

Em Adler (she/they) covers the WNBA at large and college basketball for The Next, with a focus on player development and the game behind the game.

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