September 30, 2021 

‘It’s time now to start creating that continuity’: Greg Bibb talks next steps for Wings

How the Dallas Wings approach their most important winter yet

The Dallas Wings accomplished their goal for the 2021 season of reaching the playoffs. While the team was able to get a taste of the playoffs, the loss can make it a sour one. President, CEO and Managing Partner Greg Bibb told the media in his exit interview while disappointed, that there should not be a lot of sadness — to him, it felt like a beginning and not an end.

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“When I look at the roster that we’ve assembled in the last two to three years, I’m really excited about our talent level, and our upside,” Bibb said this week. “And then when you look at some of the business elements of that perspective, you know we have a lot of roster flexibility in terms of our cap space for the foreseeable future. And you know once again we’ll head into a draft with two high picks, no worse than fourth and sixth.”

This offseason could prove to be the most important in terms of the team’s rebuilding plan. There is nothing but upside for things young team that can use the offseason to continue to improve on their skills that will help this become a championship caliber team. There is is room for improvement on both sides of the ball. Dallas allowed the third most points in the paint with 37.9 and they had the fourth worst defense net rating at 103.

They were the best offensive rebounding team with 10 per game. Those extra opportunities did not always equate to more points, finishing the season sixth in scoring averaging 81.1 per game. 2021 was a big step forward for Dallas, but they never found an identity.

“We’ve had so much change here in so many ways over the last couple years, by design for the most part ,and part of a plan a long term strategic plan, but that’s part of that transition I mentioned,” Bibb said. “It’s time now to start creating that continuity within the coaching staff, within the roster. Our players spent a year getting to know each other, a year getting to know the coaches and vice versa. I think if I remember correctly, we had 10 playoff games of experience on our entire roster heading into the playoffs when some of the other teams had over 200. So it’s time to build upon what we experienced this year, and create the continuity amongst the core that you absolutely have to have to have ultimate success in this league.”

Though the Wings were a young team, they showed they had what it took to beat almost everyone in the league. Dallas just needed more time together, which is why this offseason is the most important. The team has gotten into the playoffs. Connecting in the offseason can help the Wings reach what Bibb sees as the potential to be among the top teams in the league.

Head coach Vickie Johnson and Bibb have the luxury of a flexible roster. All players are under contract with the majority of the on their rookie contracts. The players have their commitments to their overseas clubs, but it will also be time to hone their skills to make the Wings a better team.

In 2021 there was the emergence of ‘Marike’, the moniker for the backcourt combination of guards Arike Ogunbowale and Marina Mabrey.

Credit: Dallas Wings Twitter

Bibb said Ogunbowale and Mabrey are part of the organization’s lon- term plan and the foundation of what they are trying to build, but he and Johnson have to figure out exactly what the primary role is for Mabrey. He said it was unfair when they asked her to do multiple things, sometime in one game.

“It’s hard to play the point guard position in this league if that’s all you’re worried about. It’s even harder when you’re worried about doing that playing the two and oh by the way, maybe go play the three for some minutes. And I think Marina handled that really well and I think we can probably help her. Refining her role a little bit, moving forward. Now it doesn’t mean she’s not going to play multiple positions because she has the ability to it and that’s great value to a team, but I think we can probably work at getting her a little bit more refined in her primary function within our basketball team,” Bibb said.

Once roles are more refined for each player, Dallas believes it will be more that a first round exit playoff team. The foundation was laid in 2021.

Written by Arie Graham

Arie Graham joined 'The Next' in May 2021 as the beat writer for the Dallas Wings.


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