October 14, 2022 

New York Liberty Rewind on Playback, Episode 1

The debut episode of beat writer Jackie Powell's rewind of the 2022 Liberty season as Jackie watches the home opener against the Sun

Welcome to our recap of the first episode of the New York Liberty Rewind on Playback with Jackie Powell. Every other week over the next few months, Jackie will be revisiting one crucial game from the 2022 New York Liberty season and breaking down the play on the court, what those games taught us about the Liberty, and looking ahead at free agency and the 2023 season.

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In the debut episode of the New York Liberty Rewind series, Jackie and friends watched the 2022 home opener against the eventual WNBA Finals runners-up Connecticut Sun. The Liberty went on to win the game, 81-79, starting off the season on a great note.

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Notable Quote

Jackie on one of the biggest questions for the Liberty this offseason:

I sat back and I said, “Well, wait a minute. Who is that core? Who will the New York Liberty be in 2023?” I don’t think it is a sure thing, as of now. … So part of what this journey is going to be about is it’s going to be about answering those two questions. What were they missing from the 2022 season? It doesn’t have to be a specific player. And I know there’s some who are watching, or may be thinking of a specific player. But what I’m really looking at are qualities … what is going to take this team from Point A, and Point A is being a playoff team … to point B, which is being one of the top four teams in the league. A team that advances well, and deep, into the playoffs, past the first round, even mind you pass the second round, and in the WNBA Finals, that is the goal of this organization, it is to return to the WNBA Finals.

What’s up next?

On Oct. 27, Jackie will be back on Playback with the second installment of the series. Jackie and guests will be watching the Liberty’s June 7 game against the Minnesota Lynx. You may remember this game for the abortion rights protest carried out in the middle of the game, along with Sabrina Ionescu hitting a groove and going 10-for-11 from the field.

Jackie will look not only at the game itself but also at the resulting postgame press conference that gave a window into the chemistry of the team early in the season. Jackie will be live on the stream at 7:30 p.m. ET, so be sure to mark your calendar and follow The Next and Jackie on Twitter for updates as episode two draws closer.

To find all of Jackie’s work covering the Liberty here at The Next, bookmark this page!

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