July 5, 2023 

WNBA Injury Tracker: Who gets hurt, how often, and why it matters

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Injuries are an unfortunate, but ever present, aspect of sport. The WNBA is no exception. Below is a running tally of all the injuries that have occurred in the WNBA during the 2023 season. Additionally, data analyzing the impact of all injuries—individually and cumulatively—are also provided. As far as we’re aware, this is the only publicly available comprehensive injury log regarding WNBA athletes.

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This data will continue to be updated, manually, to provide our readers and the league alike a leaguewide sense of who is getting hurt and for how long, what injuries are most common, and hopefully shine a light on it all to lead to better health outcomes for everyone. It is part of our continuing efforts to make data more widely available for the WNBA, the way it is commonly accepted practice in men’s professional leagues around the world.

On the left side of the table is the log of each individual injury, including body part(s) involved, total games missed, and estimated win shares lost. Scroll to the right to find cumulative body part and team-specific data.

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Written by Lucas Seehafer

Lucas Seehafer is a general reporter for The Next. He is also a physical therapist and professor at the undergraduate level. His work has previously appeared at Baseball Prospectus, Forbes, FanSided, and various other websites.

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